About VISTA Picture 1


About VISTA Picture 2The VISTA laboratory was founded in 2017 as a part of the Center for Intelligent Systems in the Computer Science Department at the Technion, with the mission to serve as a home base and provide facilities for research into vision-based intelligent systems. We have well-equipped facilities and many cool toys with which we love to play building various systems that crawl, sail, fly, see and hear the world and interact with it. We also work with several collaborators who provide unique data from their domains of expertise. Examples of our research activities include computational imaging, signal and image processing,  computer vision and pattern recognition, 3D vision and computational shape analysis, medical imaging and medical image and data analysis, machine learning (and, in particular, deep learning), and large-scale data analysis.

Our doors are always open to excellent students at all stages of their careers (but we leave the burden of proof upon them). Students interested in undergraduate level projects are welcome to contact us at vista.technion.projects@gmail.com. Students interested in graduate research and prospective post-docs are welcome to contact Alex Bronstein.